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LastPass Selects Enzoic for Compromised Credential Screening

BOULDER, Colorado, May 24, 2017– Today, Enzoic, an innovative compromised credential and breach notification service, announced a new partnership with LastPass, the pioneer and market leader in password management, to help alert and protect LastPass customers. Enzoic’s API technology provides LastPass with a quick and easy way to screen for individual and enterprise user credentials against a database of billions of compromised credentials.

“Due to high-profile data breaches taking place each year and the billions of compromised user credentials circulated on the public Internet and Dark Web, compromised credential screening is an important way businesses and government agencies can protect their users from the risk of their accounts being hijacked,” said Josh Horwitz, COO and Co-Founder of Enzoic.

With Enzoic, LastPass is able to identify high risk end users and put additional security measures in place, such as email alerts and real-time in-product notifications, to block account hijacking attempts and other fraudulent activities.

Cid Ferrara, Vice President of LastPass Specialists, explained, “LastPass is proud to be partnering with Enzoic as our definitive source for detecting users’ credentials that have been compromised. The security risk to both consumers and organizations when credentials are exposed in 3rd party breaches is very real and we strive to keep our users one step ahead. Enzoic’s expertise and dedicated operations for compromised credentials detection make them a great partner to have.”

“We are excited to be working with LastPass as our strategic directives are well-aligned. Both Enzoic and LastPass aim to protect users, customers and employees from fraud, account takeovers, credential stuffing and doxing, ” said Mike Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of Enzoic. He continued, “Enzoic’s compromised credential services will help LastPass better inform their users when their online credentials have been exposed and should no longer be used.”

About Enzoic

Enzoic’s innovative compromised credential and breach notification services were created to protect corporate networks and consumer websites from unauthorized access and fraud. Enzoic helps organizations screen user accounts for known, compromised credentials and block unauthorized authentication. Enzoic Ltd. Is a privately held company based out of Boulder, Colorado. For more information, visit: or email