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Research, views, and insights on cybersecurity, account takeover, fraud, and more

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8 Ways to Mitigate Credential Stuffing Attacks

There is no one way to mitigate all credential stuffing attacks but a layered approach can reduce risk without negatively impacting the user experience.

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5 Industries at Risk for Credential Stuffing and ATO

All industries are victims of cyber-attacks, but five industries are more at risk for credential stuffing and ATO because of value of the accounts.

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The Costs and Risks of Account Takeover

Account takeover attacks result in billions of dollars of fraud and damage to brand reputation each year. These are the costs and risks associated with ATO.

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What the Heck is “Credential Stuffing”?

Billions of user credentials (usernames and passwords) have been exposed publicly over the last few years. The natural question that comes up is “what do cybercriminals do with these stolen credentials?”

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